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The purpose of the Central Indiana SolidWorks User Group is to promote the free exchange of information related to the use of SolidWorks among the membership of the user group. It provides a forum in which the membership could assist each other in furthering their knowledge about and advancing their abilities in the use of SolidWorks.

Central Indiana SolidWorks User Group will be organized and operated completely through volunteering participants
Participants need not own a copy of SolidWorks.
SolidWorks Corporation, SolidWorks VARS, SolidWorks business partners, and non-users are welcome to participate but are not eligible to hold elected positions or vote.

Annual Membership  Fee:
There will be no charge for attending meetings, however to  help defray the cost of out-of-pocket membership administration, and web site hosting we are looking for general and specific Program Sponsors. Please contact Peter Fischer for additional,information.

The SolidWorks User Group will elect from volunteering participants the following officers annually:
President. Represents the group, and is responsible for organizing meetings and activities.
Secretary. Assists president, records, and keeps meeting minutes.
These officers will be required to attend every SolidWorks User Group meeting and activity.
If an officer is unable to fulfill their obligation they will find a substitute for that meeting or activity. Officers may be removed at any meeting via majority vote of those members in attendance.

The SolidWorks User Group will meet on a regular basis 6 times yearly on the third Thursday of every second month.
Participants and Sponsors will be encouraged to host the meeting.
Meeting Agenda and subjects should be planned in advance, preferably at the previous meeting.
A time during every meeting will be designated for an open forum/discussion on subjects related to SolidWorks.
SolidWorks Corporation, VARS, and other solution providers may be invited to give demonstrations of their products.
Members may be requested to contribute door fee to defray cost of room, snacks & beverages.
Attendees are encouraged to volunteer to give case studies related to SolidWorks.
Participants will be notified of meetings through their designated Company Contact via Email, FAX, Phone, or Mail in that order of preference.

Problem solving: The SolidWorks User Group will be a resource for answering questions related to SolidWorks in addition to the VARs and SolidWorks Corp.
Members will be encouraged to field questions by others in the SolidWorks User Group on a voluntary basis.
The SolidWorks User Group will not be a resource for SolidWorks BUG related issues. This is the business of SolidWorks Corp. and its VARS.
SolidWorks User Group Database:
A database of participants will be kept and distributed among the participant upon request.
It will not be available to any company or persons who are not active participants in the SolidWorks User Group.

Required information for all participants will be:
Company Name
Company Contact Name
Contact email
Contact Phone number
Backup Contact info if applicable.

All information in the Database will have been submitted by the Company Contact with the understanding that it will be distributed amongst the SolidWorks User Group and be available on the CISUG web site.

Any one using this information for purposes not related to the SolidWorks User Group, will be denied membership in any further activities involving the SolidWorks User Group only.